Is Anti-virus software enough to protect your business?

Anti-virus software is great at what it is built for. It is created and updated to spot viruses that have been made before and ones that are coded in a similar way. You can also get different suites and packages that add extra security and detect some suspicious activities from malicious software.

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The main problem with the anti-virus software is that it is out of date the moment it is updated as most of it is available to hackers as well so they get the updates, mutate the virus and re-release. Indeed, many viruses are able to mutate themselves.

For most of us, the fear is that a virus will corrupt data or stop us using our valuable assets which is the most common effect of contracting a virus. However, for businesses with valuable data, the fallout can be far more serious. Hackers can use a virus to get access to your network and, once they gain access you may not discover this for months or even years. The first time you find out may be when your data goes on sale on the Dark Web. A recent case involving an enterprise level CRM system saw a client's valuable data being sold online 12 months after the initial hack. Imagine the reaction of their clients!

In addition to this, there are a multitude of other ways to invade your systems from direct hacking to the employment of actors within your organisation. The list is endless but the solutions are relatively simple.

Luckily, there is much more you can do to build a much stronger, multi-layered security system that will slow those hackers right down to give you the best chance of detecting and stopping them before they get to your valuable assets.

On our network alone, we stop and block upwards of 10,000 hacks a day....yes every day, non stop all year round and the figure is rising. Can I tell you how? Of course I can but I am not doing it here. However, here are a few tips:

  • A standard firewall is not enough, think web application firewall
  • Distribute your content
  • Add additional Zone protection for your critical files
  • Protect your kernel
  • Train your staff to recognise potential risks and report issues immediately

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