Cyber Security

The days of thinking it won't happen to you are gone.
You are already under attack.

As the growth and dynamics of technology evolve,
so does the potential for exploitation and threat to your business!
Secure Software Development
The threat to your business from a Cyber attack is very real and as the volume and sophistication of your data requirements increases, so does it's value to a hacker.
To protect your business, knowledge of your digital infrastructure and the cyber measures that you employ is important, and, in the past, this is where the focus of Cyber Security has been. However, threats often come from within your business in the form of human error or deliberate breaches in security.
To combat this threat, it is essential to have a robust Cyber Security Strategy which spans all aspects of your business from your digital infrastructure to your core business processes. How you recruit, train and communicate can be as vital as the firewall you use.
Don't be complacent, let SoftwareMajor secure your digital world.
Our team of expert cyber advisors and expert risk assessors can review your business structure, map the risks and work with you to reduce your exposure. We will manage mitigation with our advanced Cyber Risk management software system in order to enable you to prioritise and address risks in order of importance. We will then work with you to take your business to safety, and keep it there.

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