Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence - knowledge of your threat environment -
enables you to evolve your defences, to provide the armour
you need to protect your business.

As the cyber threat grows, your defences must evolve or your business may die.
Cyber intelligence is the key to your evolution!
Secure Software Development
Hackers are trying to get into your systems and networks right now, whether it is for fun or for profit. These could be novice hackers who are looking for a shortcut to fame or a group of organised criminals who work silently on the wire. These people don’t make noise but when their job is done, your business may be damaged beyond repair.
The complexity and sophistication of attacks is constantly evolving and often combine high levels of technical knowledge with clever confidence tricks, both of which evolve as the wider market endeavours to combat them. In order to counter such an onslaught of attacks, you need Cyber Intelligence.
Go LIVE with real time, intelligent Cyber protection.
SoftwareMajor will provide real time, intelligent cyber monitoring systems to monitor and assess the threats specific to your organisation, enabling you to swiftly and effectively mitigate risk and strengthen your cyber resilience.

We go above and beyond the ordinary, employing a suite of advanced monitoring and data mining systems to enable our expert analysts to contextualise the threats which are relevent to you. This will help you to determine the risk to your business and protect your customers and your stakeholders.

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