Secure Software Development

Businesses who wish to survive need to think secure, and here's why:

Your business is under attack as you read this!
Secure Software Development
Hackers are trying to get into your systems and networks right now, whether it is for fun or profit. These could be novice hackers who are looking for a shortcut to fame or a group of organised criminals who work silently on the wire. These people don’t make noise but when their job is done, your business may be damaged beyond repair.
Criminals or novice hackers can break into a business network through many routes with a view to stealing information or extracting intelligence which allows them to steal money from your business, target your clients directly as part of a sophisticated confidence trick or even threaten you to extort money. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you not only have a secure network but that the applications you use for your business and clients are as secure as possible.
This is where SoftwareMajor comes in.
With over 10 years experience of developing powerful, secure systems in the National Security, the financial sector and commerce space, we are ideally placed to take your business to safety, and keep you there.

Our team of expert cyber advisors and specialist developers can review your current systems and help you harden them against attack, or build anew from the ground up in a cost effective manner.

Remember, identifying security issues earlier in the development life cycle reduces the cost so the sooner you engage, the more you save.

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