Fortitude Earth Case Study

We sought to provide Judith Andrews and her business with the support she needed to communicate the entrepreneurial spirit of her company and the unique experience in a responsive way throughout her site.

The challenge

Whilst this project was only in it's first steps of design around an idea, the development grew fast. The challenge was to create an identity that was unique a brand that would be recognised for what it offered customers that other companies didn't.

The idea was to provide UAV drone services that would allow the user to track, sell, buy and equire maintance services through Fortitude Earth. Needless to say, it was a formidable project and we were happy to lend our assistance to further direct the company's prospect.

Services Provided

Our Solution

We liaised we the clients and made sure we were educated at every level of the business in order to shift the sentiment and culture with regards to the importance of a high quality and secure online presence and supporting social media activity.

Our initial focus was on the development of a striking but simple website with reviewed content and an extensive SEO review and optimisation to ensure that we were getting the best form the site.

Secondly, we moved to a protective Social Media campaign designed to provide a buffer against any unwanted comments, a positive narrative available across the web and an intelligence feed.
Fortitude Earth Case Study

The Outcome

The project continues and the shift in the business is obvious with regular briefings now taking place at board level to discuss the latest Social Media activity and business flow through the website. The next stage will be to introduce a direct mailing effort designed to attract land owners who wish to sell to contact Orion first.

We are extremely proud of how far Fortitude Earth has come and still strives for success. We continue to support, train and educate to ensure that the business is in the lead in the utilisation of their digital assets going forward.
Fortitude Earth Case Study

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