Molifilms Case Study

Being in the entertainment industry, they required a website that was sharp, streamlined and offered a cool yet sophisticated customer experience and include a full social network system.

The challenge

Molifilms was one of our trickier projects, whilst being in the entertainment industy, the brand was itself had to match the spirit of the company's team and the projects they had worked on together.

Their logo was already there, so we needed to build around what was already inplace, offering a website that was sharp, streamlined and sophisticated at the same time.

Services Provided

Our Solution

The team liaised with the client, educating themselves at every level of the business in order to communicate the importance of a high quality and secure online presence through the development of the site.

We focused an designing a striking but simple website with reviewed content and optimized analytics to ensure the client was getting the best from the site.

Moliflms Case Study

The Outcome

We were extremely happy with the outcome, exposing the large stills of the top film productions the clients had taken part i,n brought instant recognition to the site.

Using this, we wanting to keep the content simple to it draw from the imagery, making it visibly user friendly.

Whilst they continue to maintain the site themselves, we were confident the project was a success and will lead to further developments in this area.
Molifilms Case Study

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