Luxios Case Study

Design was of the utmost importance and our dedicated design team spent considerable time getting this absolutely perfect.

The challenge

This was one of our largest projects, creating a brand for a high uality re-selling company that was well known for the brands it co-operated with such as, Rolex, Giorgio Armani and Backes and Strauss. Ther website was commonly used for the purchase of high-end items and the client wanted to create a more user friendly interface.

The design of the website was a challenge in itself, the system behind the model required constant maintenace which we were and still are happy to provide.

whilst we find it menacing to work with limited content, this project was more then overbearing with products and advertisments. It was a new area but it didn't stop us from charging forward with it.

Services Provided

Our Solution

We educated ourselves at every level of the business in order to contain a grasp of the products and the companies with regards to the importance of a high quality and secure online presence.

We worked diligently to provide the client with as much support as we could offer, our main objective was to make sure they were aware of what we were working on and how we could improve it for their benefit. At no point did we give the impression that the project was out of their control.
Luxios Case Study

The Outcome

The project continues and the shift in the business is obvious with regular briefings now taking place at board level to discuss the latest analytics activity and business flow through the website.

We continue still, working with the Luxios team to improve and update the system consistently making sure the products are all updated along with the content.

We're happy to say the client has been delighted with our work and had this to say...
"Can’t recommend Software Major highly enough. I have had the pleasure of working with Bob and his team on several projects, Luxios being both the most complex and recent. Luxios was delivered on time and to budget and his approach, positive outlook and methodology are a joy to experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - George Evans, Managing Director
Luxios Case Study

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