The Whisky Market Case Study

The team at Software Major designed a site exactly to Whisky Market's specification that encompassed a clean and clinical feel, which needless to say, they were delighted with.

The challenge

We worked closely with Whiskey Market, to develop a brand that suited their needs and the spirit of their company. whilst the name is a hint itself to the nature of the business, we felt the look and feel should communicate the high-end quality of their product and communicate the trustworthy service they offer.

We selected imagery from their photoshoot to use throughout their marketing materials and used certain aspects to bring the quality of the brand through the use of golds, blacks and whites. We felt this suited the brand and to our releif so did the client.

Services Provided

Our Solution

The Webiste in it's self was a simple re-skinned version of their own, using the stamp of their brand. But what really made the project for us, was the development of their look and feel. We put our trust in our reknowned graphic designer to lead the way and sure enough came out on top with a brand that spoke inspirational truths about the company.

We worked closely with the client to develop the content through them and guide where we felt nessecery, making not move to make the client feel out of control.
The Whisky Market Case Study

The Outcome

We were thrilled with the outcome and are proud to say, the client was too. The end result lead to a market campaing that fed countless cusumers to their plate and continue to do our best in maintaining and protecting their brand,

We also offered to manage their Social networking channels, researching relative posts that would result in more demand for the brand itself.

The Whisky Market Case Study

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